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About Autus

The Autus Plugin lets you call on your private LLMs from anywhere in your browser.

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Designed to fit every use case

See how internet users use Autus to grow online!

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For Marketing

Advanced analytical insight & reporting

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For Sales

Ai Chat Widget

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For Businesses

Private company LLM's

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For People

Customer service

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"As a team leader at, I've been incredibly impressed with Autus's AI Chat Widget. This tool has revolutionized our client interaction, making it more efficient and effective. The AI chatbot is remarkably intuitive, providing timely and relevant responses, which greatly enhances our customer engagement and conversion rates. Autus has truly understood the needs of businesses in today's digital landscape, and their AI Chat Widget is a testament to their innovative approach."

Partner at
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" highly recommends Autus for its innovative AI-driven tools and comprehensive web solutions. Their AI plugin has been a standout, greatly enhancing our daily processes with minimal effort. The variety of tools offered, especially the URL shortener and QR code generator, are incredibly user-friendly and effective."

CEO at
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"I've found Autus to be an invaluable asset for our marketing initiatives. The AI-powered content creation tool has significantly enhanced our content strategy, allowing us to produce high-quality, engaging content with ease. Additionally, the link tracking feature has been a game-changer, offering us detailed insights into our campaign performance. Autus has become a cornerstone of our marketing efforts, thanks to its innovative approach to digital marketing solutions."

CEO at InterGrowth.Com